Zest & Zeal Photography Senior Rep Program

Thank you so much for your interest in being a Zest & Zeal Photography Senior Rep. Are you ready to have tons of fun, make new friends, take lots of beautiful pictures, showcase your unique personality, and most importantly, represent the senior brand of Zest & Zeal Photography.
Check out all the details in the 2020 ZZP Senior Rep Info Magazine.


Zest & Zeal Photography Senior Reps are a select group of high school seniors exclusively chosen during their junior year to represent the senior brand of ZZP within their schools and community. Reps not only are excited to play a vital role in helping represent our business amongst peers, but are offered a unique and amazing experience beyond capturing senior portraits. This select group of teens builds new bonds, creates memories to last a lifetime, and gets the benefit of celebrating thier accomplishments with ZZP all year long. As a senior rep, you are an extension of Zest & Zeal Photography. Through posts on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & Instagram, you will spread the word about ZZP.

Senior reps simply show off their portraits. By sharing your experiences such as things we’re doing, behind the scenes peeks, and of course your overall excitement about working with ZZP, you are getting your friends equally excited about booking their senior portrait celebration with ZZP. Each friend you refer, who books a senior portrait session, earns you incentives. Chances are you’re already showing off your images and doing these things anyway, so why not join our team, have some fun, and get rewarded fabulous incentives. Friendship, family, inspiration, laughter, volunteerism, encouragement, togetherness, discounts, gifts, professional hairstyling & makeup, fashion, and fun…. a myriad of what is entailed when apart of the Zest & Zeal Photography Senior Rep Team. Equally important as the perks of a being a senior rep, this will be a senior celebration experience to remember!


  • Confident, fun, and outgoing personalities
  • Comfortable in front of the camera
  • Various hobbies/interests and participation in school and/or community activities
  • Individuals that are responsible and dependable
  • Individuals very active on various forms of social media
  • Individuals with unique style or an interest in fashion
  • Individuals with good character and reputation who will positively represent ZZP in their schools and community
  • No prior modeling experience is needed.

WHAT DO I GET? (the perks & incentives)

  • Participation in a group styled photoshoot with all selected Senior Reps, including hair styling and makeup.
  • At least 5-10 free watermarked, web-sized files from group session/s to use on social media.
  • Referral-based incentives as follows:  Your first referral credits back $175 of your initial investment as a product credit towards your order session appointment. For each booked and paid referral thereafter, you will receive your choice of a $40 print credit  -OR- $25 cash or gift card.
  • Receive custom swag and promotional materials
  • Custom Mobile App to share with your images friends!
  • Be featured in our senior publications and social media marketing
  • An individual senior portrait session (between 1-2 hours, 3-4 outfit changes). This will provide you with an additional 40-60 image proofs to select from at your order session!
  • Ongoing relationship with photographer & team
  • A Senior Rep spotlight blog post, featuring you, your style, your hobbies and interests!
  • ZZP Senior Reps will receive 15% off products at order session after their first referral.

BONUS (even more perks) 

  • The Senior Rep with most referrals will receive bonus BFF Mini Session.
  • Individuals with 2 or more referrals will receive 25% off products at order session.
  • Various Contests, Giveaways & opportunities amongst Senior Rep Crew to win more.
  • Senior Rep Discounted Add-on Mini-Sessions (optional)


  • You must be a graduating senior from Class of 2020 and attend a high school within the Dallas/Forth Worth Area
  • You and your parents must agree to promote exclusively and solely for Zest & Zeal Photography for your senior portraits from the time of acceptance through the entire 2019-2020 school year.
  • Spread the word about Zest & Zeal Photography on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Snapchat and refer your friends using watermarked images.  You are required to tag ZZP and post at least once per month.
  • “Like” & “Follow” Zest & Zeal Photography and Erika Edwards on all social media.
  • Book & Schedule your individual ZZP Senior Celebration Experience.
  • You are required to submit a senior rep investment of $350, which also includes your senior session retainer. This amount is required upon the signing of your Senior Rep agreement and senior session agreement. *ALL senior sessions require a Reveal & Premiere Ordering Session with $450 minimum purchase requirement (not due until 2-3wks after your portrait session).
  • You are encouraged to send Zest & Zeal Photography at least 1 referral.
  • Provide a minimum of 3 recommendations for 2020 Senior Rep Crew.
  • Attend all group meetings, hangouts, shoots, and special events to the best of your ability.
  • Your parent or legal Guardian MUST sign a model release, allowing Zest & Zeal Photography to use your images for advertising and promotional purposes. You and your parent must also sign a senior rep agreement and standard portrait contract.


Before you can become an official ZZP Senior Rep, you must obtain permission from your parent or legal guardian. Please be sure to go over all details listed before filling out application. If you are selected as a Senior Rep, at lease one parent or legal guardian must attend and in-person consultation and/or group meeting. At this meeting, we will review the senior rep program in full, explaining in detail all requirements and expectations so that we are all on the same page.

At this meeting, you and your parent will decide and be required to sign the senior rep contract and model release as well as also pay investment fee required upon selection. By signing these documents, you agree to exclusively promote Zest & Zeal Photography from time of acceptance until graduation, representing Zest & Zeal Photography in an professional manner as entailed.

If you have any questions, feel free to send a message zestzealphoto@gmail.com or call 469.265.8023.


Now that we got all the details out the way, let’s get acquainted. Please fill out the {Senior Rep Application}.  Our senior rep program is a very exclusive program and there are only a limited amount of spots available. The senior reps selected will be the candidates we feel best fit the ZZP brand. We look forward to working with you.

Click {HERE} to complete Application! Good Luck!