Tiyah 2017 | Townview Law Magnet | Dallas Senior Portraits

Tiyah got her senior session done early before the Spring hustle and bustle. She’s a pretty active girl so we got her on the calendar as soon as she had some free time. She had already got comfortable in front of my camera prior, so this session was a breeze. Tiyah wanted lots of color, to include cheerleading, and snap with a super hot Camaro. I was so excited about how her images turned out. Check out some fun facts about Tiyah.

People would be surprised to know that:
I was a figure skater for 8 years.

I’m happiest when:
..everyone is around me having a good time.

My best childhood memory is:
..when I got my first dog casey. She would always play and ride in my pink jeep with me.

Who is the most influential person in your life and why?
It would have to be my parents, because they have gone through alot raising me as young single parents. No matter what issues they had, I was always encouraged to follow my dreams and be the best person I can be.

What is one of your favorite quotes or sayings?
1.Pain is only temporary, quitting lasts forever 2. What you focus on, what you think about, is your maximum potential.

Enjoy some of my fave pics. Feel free to comment below.Tiyah_Indiv-4_WEB.jpgTiyah_Indiv-9_WEB.jpgTiyah_Indiv-11_WEB.jpgTiyah_Indiv-13_WEB.jpgTiyah_Indiv-19_WEB.jpgTiyah_Indiv-16_WEB.jpgTiyah_Indiv-22_WEB.jpgTiyah_Indiv-26_WEB.jpgTiyah_Indiv-29_WEB.jpgTiyah_Indiv-31_WEB.jpgTiyah_Indiv-51_WEB.jpgTiyah_Indiv-48_WEB.jpgTiyah_Indiv-34_WEB.jpgTiyah_Indiv-37_WEB.jpgTiyah_Indiv-41_WEB.jpgTiyah_Indiv-56_WEB.jpgTiyah_Indiv-53_WEB.jpg

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